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Homeless man run over by an 18-wheeler, trucking company denies it ever happened.
Co-founder of Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt sued for allegedly beating a homeless man with 
a tire iron for having a sexually explicit tatoo.
● DUI beating at the station (Manhattan Beach PD)
● Failure to investigate and exonerate a murder suspect (Long Beach PD)
● Pavement beating for a minor traffic violation  (LAPD)
● False arrest of an off-duty LAPD sergeant (Hermosa Beach PD)
● Unjust firing of an officer due to bogus charges by celebrity ex-girlfriend (LAPD)
● False arrest and imprisonment (LA Sheriff Dept.)
● Unjustified shooting (Inglewood PD)
● Beating a homeless man (Inglewood PD)
● Unjustified shooting (Santa Monica PD)
● Accidental shooting coverup (San Bernardino Sheriff Dept.)
Man accused of murder exonerated by outtakes of Curb Your Enthusiasm that showed 
him in the stands at a Dodgers game at the time of the murder.
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